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dCache Tier I meeting July 1, 2014

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Paul), PIC(Marc), KIT(Xavier)


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Marc reported that PIC is running smoothly, no problems.

They are upgrading to 2.6.31, having previously upgraded to 2.6.30 to fix a WebDAV problem. In total, they have been running a v2.6 dCache for a few weeks (with reasonable tape usage) and not seen any problems.

Marc also asked about ticket 8355. There's been no progress on this ticket, but Paul will bring it up during the developers meeting tomorrow.


Xavier had no problems to report -- they, too, are running smoothly.

Tigran asked whether the Brazilian CA problem had been fixed. Xavier said that LHCb still haven't replied to requests for an update. The corresponding GGUS ticket has been closed automatically. The feedback from the LHCb local contact has been that, since there's been no response, we assume that the problem has been fixed.

Xavier asked about progress with ticket 8360. Currently there's none, but Tigran added a note that adding an admin command to solve this problem is desirable.

Xavier was also asking about some of the 'psu' commands: the -noping option to psu create pool and the -reset option in psu create linkgroup, what are these for? Tigran explained that the -noping option means pool-manager ignores any pool-up messages from the pool; instead, it also assumes that the pool is always online. This is meant for testing purposes. Xavier will open a support ticket so these options are either documented or removed.

Support tickets for discussion

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Thursday 16:00, Tuesday 14:00