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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     7Patrick, Karsten, Christian, Tigran, Al, Dmitry 
     9= Agenda = 
     11[see box on the right-hand side] 
     13= Postcards = 
     15Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions: 
     16 *  What I did last week (since the last meeting), 
     17 *  What I plan to do in the next week. 
     19No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     23Patrick: Working on EU-Projects/Proposals EU T0, c4, Data Backbone for Europe, Cloud Computing in Europe, Dirac 
     24  dCache on QBox 
     26Al: Various changes to Alarms, some patches are still in RB, ... 
     27  Posted ticket about NFS hanging on failed PP(?) 
     28  Proceeding with RepicaManager 
     29  Looked at Pauls Release 
     31Christian: Created Wiki for GridKA + VMs with IPv6 
     32  Posted patch for Bugreporting feature  
     33  Tickets and OwnCloud stuff 
     35Dmitry: Have some customers that want to store data at Fermi, there are some issues 
     36  planning for upgrading to 2.6 tomorrow 
     37  Problem with GridFtp: dCache corrupts some files if a requested file needs to be staged:  
     38    The file then contains SSL header 
     39  Opened a ticket about this (recursive download) 
     41Tigran: Ported OwnCloud changes from 6 to 7. Approved but not yet merged. 
     42  Fixed dcap client to understand IPv6 IPs in CLI 
     43  A couple of more NFS changes. 
     45= Plans for patch-releases = 
     47Should we make a new patch release? 
     49= Trunk activity = 
     51Progress with new features... 
     53== Bugreporting == 
     54Christian: Bugreporting script needs a dCache to store the reports. Currently using an unauthenticated WebDAV 
     55  Should this get a more official state? And how do we handle authentication? 
     57  - Cannot do without authentication! 
     59  Maybe we could have a lightweight account on the cloud for this. Will ask vdR. 
     61  This will also provide the possibility for users to store their configuration. 
     63= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     65  Fermi: There were a couple of rather operational questions 
     66  BNL: Pools ran out of memory with resilient manager. Some files also did not  
     67    get replicated if a pool came only later. 
     69  So far there is no ticket for this issue. 
     71  What is the state of the files? Precious? 
     72  Patrick: This could happen if the files are Cached+Sticky 
     75  Xavier: Nothing dCache related, they want to test IPv6 with 2.10 
     76  Marc: Everything fine 
     78= Issues from EGI = 
     79EGI has set up TCB that is supposed to gather requirement for EGI. 
     81= New or noteworthy = 
     83= Outstanding RT Tickets = 
     85[This is an [wiki:TicketActions auto-generated] item.  Don't add items here directly] 
     878184 -> Dmitry to look at this 
     89= Review of RB requests = 
     91- Please review 6248 (Christian's Bugreqporting) 
     93- Al, please commit, failing Chimera tests are not caused by the patch 
     95= DTNM = 
     97Proposed: same time, next week.