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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     6Karsten, Christian, Paul, Gerd, Al  
     9= Agenda = 
     11[see box on the right-hand side] 
     13= Postcards = 
     15Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions: 
     16 *  What I did last week (since the last meeting), 
     17 *  What I plan to do in the next week. 
     19No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     21Karsten: Mostly working on LSDMA Article, some user support regarding gPlazma2,  
     22         Requested and got a renewal of our open-source license for IntelliJ 
     23         Helped Summer Students 
     25Christian: GridKA tutorial 
     27Paul: Still working through email after vacation. Tried to get release out with Jenkins (s.b.) 
     28      Code reviews. LSDMA work coming, GridKA talk 
     30Al: Wathcing public dCache, some issues with NFS, put some time into fixing and testing  
     31    ReplicaManager. Getting deeper into Wicket. 
     33Gerd: Debugging issues and fixing things on "all" branches. Developing ideas how to handle lost  
     34      files on tape. 
     36= Plans for patch-releases = 
     38Should we make a new patch release? 
     40Decided to work through pending tasks before releasing.  
     41Currently all is merged and the tests are running. 
     432.8-cloud is for cloud service at DESY. 
     452.2 is no longer supported, but the build mechanisms are still there for emerency cases 
     47= Trunk activity = 
     49Progress with new features... 
     51Paul: Added autogeneration of SRM classes from WSDL as part of the build process.  
     52      There is still some fixing needed. 
     53      Q1: Would it make sense to have to autogeneration code in SRM common? Or should 
     54          we split it with a little duplication to server and client. 
     55      Q2: Wrote a SRM cli client. This allows for a lot faster response times. This  
     56          does not work with Axis1. We could move to Axis2, but the problem is that 
     57          Axis2 does not support rpc-encoded.  
     59      As a first step we could use Axis2 on the client side. Our server should understand 
     60      a clients doc/literal. Haven't check gsoap, yet. 
     62  - Gerd: Could we hack the axis1 to allow keeping open connections? 
     63  - Paul: It could be that they close the http1 connection for a reason... 
     65  It would be good to know what the future of SRM actually is. 
     66  Currently the time "after" SRM is officially said to be solved by the experients. 
     68= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     70Gerd: A tape system was broken and stage requests piled up, but since the replies never arrived, the entries in the 
     71      map were never cleaned and may have caused the OOM. 
     72  - Paul: We could kill the original message on retry 
     73          We already had something similar in other places. 
     75  Gerd already provided patches for this. 
     77Paul: Current versions of dCache have a clumping-limit of 1. That means that only the first request to a file is successful 
     78      and subsequent requests are rejected.  
     79      Gerd's patches fixes this by triggering a refresh from the door and by increasing the clumping limit to >1 (20) 
     80      This patch has been backported to the stable branches  
     82= Issues from EMI = 
     84= New or noteworthy = 
     86= Outstanding RT Tickets = 
     88[This is an [wiki:TicketActions auto-generated] item.  Don't add items here directly] 
     90= Review of RB requests = 
     92= DTNM = 
     94Proposed: same time, next week.