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[part of a series of meetings]


Paul, Al, Tigran, Karsten, Dmitry


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Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions:

  • What I did last week (since the last meeting),
  • What I plan to do in the next week.

No questions until we get through everyone :)

Karsten: SmallFiles?, ElasticSearch? Paul: Getting releases out, release notes is almost ready, tidying up patches Al: Working on alarms system adjustments, most patches are on RB, please have a look.

Few other things with liquibase, gitignore, ... ReplicaManager testing, getting to the bottom of my hanging NFS installation

Tigran: Reviews, tidying up NFS + speedup

Started working on OwnCloud?, new version is 7

Dmitry: Preparing for upgrade, 2.6, looking at BNL

Plans for patch-releases

Should we make a new patch release?

Paul: Focussed to 2.10, once that is done, the other branches will follow.

Dmitry, you wanted to have something backported... no backport, yet.

What will happen to the 2.2 after official support period? What would happen if we take down 2.2 related infrastructure? We can keep it a couple of month more.


First draft for 2.10 RN is ready, you can find it at the usual location, with version 2.10

Trunk activity

Progress with new features...


recursive downloads not working in 2.6, but do on master. Some change seems to silently fixed this in 2.9+, but we are not sure which.

Paul: I will get all pending releases out this week and then be on vacation for 3 weeks

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

Tuesday: Marc: fqan in different link groups caused dcache stopped working. they have a workaround, but

we should still find out what caused this.

Issues from EMI

New or noteworthy

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests

Nothing pressing


Proposed: same time, next week.