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[part of a series of meetings]


Paul: Patrick: Al: Dmitry: Gerd: Tigran: Christian:


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  • Chep abstracts,
  • releasing,
  • functional testsuite for webadmin,
  • code reviews for Gerd

Patrick: Organizing Chep contrib, LSDMA Al:

  • Messaging between webadmin and billiing, historgram stuff --> will post the patch
  • Replica Manager: resilient pools handling more efficient
  • Alarms: context messages


  • Operaitonal


  • Paternity leave for two months, will join meetings
  • Writing upgrade guide, checklist complete?
  • Locking for xrootd --> wanting to add session information
  • srmcp bug: giving destination directory would not copy the file to the dir and not complain, several more bugs found on the way
  • WASS bug fixed --> space cost calculation
  • Extended check-config, scoped parameters (Michigan T2, 2.10 upgrade, there was a problem with some parameter that check-config that did not complain)


  • NFS debug Fermilab
  • 2.10 update


  • pcells,
  • bug-reporting feature

Special topics

Trunk activity


  • rebasing Java 8 branch, parboiled not happy with Java 8
  • parboiled 2 scala based
  • parboiled 1 was forked an is maintained by someone


  • 2.9 Java 8 compilation are not working
  • old AspectJ compile does not work for what reason remains unclear.


  • Gerd will do modification on migration module

Chimera prototype stuff

Tigran: Fast ingest up to 70 Hz --> different changes in Chimera to achieve this rate

Dmitry: What is the principal difference Tigran: stat (get and setAttributes), databases interaction, no levels (special field in Chimara)


Al, Gerd, Paul Al: Identifying an alarm Dmitry: Identifying alarms would result in code injection in supported branches Gerd: Alarm changes only for master Gerd: How much do we declare as an alarm? Al: Operators should be able to define the alarm to their needs? Gerd: Alarm = dCache should ask for help when it can not recover by itself? Dmitry: Should the patch enter 2.6? Dmitry: Is creating a separate branch for FermiLab? with that patch.

Paul: No feature degradation with following releases should occur.

xrootD 3rd party copy

Paul: spec is written and out, xrootd main page, documentation

appending files on failed upload

Paul: came up with DESY users Gerd: one of the models of mutability Paul: may become more important

webadmin related topics

Paul: functional tests for webadmin (selenium, webdriver), so far just navigation test, no functionality test, integrated with jenkins on master

Reusing SRM connections

Paul: talking to KIT, hammered SRM instance and failed attempts, SRM should keep the connection opened to retry.

  • requirements: same user to the same storage system
  • done with robot certificates, and it is a fts user

Space accounting without SRM topics

  • webdav properties to ask the system for disk usage and amount of free space
  • CMS would like to have this, we could implement this through the webdav interface

Tigran: We should have a json REST API aka storage API for this purpose

Gerd: problems with movers

  • this is causing problems with post processing

Paul: remove checksum on write? Gerd: Does not solve the problem. Dmitry: Why not just change the default? Paul: support for multiple checksums Gerd: Another reason for md5 checksums. Adler32 had a problem with it not recognising the files because of the distance between files (60 bit).

Solution: we need to support multiple checksums

RRD database problem on update from 2.8 to 2.10

  • clean /var/lib/dcache/webadmin ??? directory during update (RPM should take care of that)
  • files from RPM are not recognised to be newer
  • directory we use could have a dcache version in it
  • Jetty should always delete the files on startup
  • Al: return to the old naming

Tigran will send stack trace.


  • untar on the server side, files should be accessible independently

NFS performance problem

  • not reproducible

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

see link:

pic: perceived lack xrootd plugins for 2.10, monitoring plugin for 2.6 working for 2.10

Plans for patch-releases

  • release this week on all stable branches

Should we make a new patch release?

  • 2.11 branch --> first builds

Outstanding Documentation

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests

New, noteworthy and other business

  • Nordic Accounting Meeting: Press release about a meeting in Upsala

  • 4 sites running 2.10 in production


Proposed: same time, next week.