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[part of a series of meetings]


Christian, Al, Paul, Tigran, Karsten, Gerd, Dmitry


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Up to two minutes (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions:

  • What I did last week (since the last meeting),
  • What I plan to do in the next week.

No questions until we get through everyone :)


Preparing presentation, Reviews, Tickets


Cleaning up and fixing tickets from 2014 toill now


  • Loking for NFS problem with cloud, have a couple of ideas: there are a lot of r/w operations and mixed in which causes error messages
  • Investigated running dCache on ARM A7 CPUs in HDD. Installed everything, but performance so far looks poor. will talk to them again.
  • CERN Workshop on Clouds and more
  • Cleaned up patches and patch for setting atime


  • Continued investitgation of Alice transfers
    • There are some issues due to missing synchronisation between staging files at CERN and NDGF
  • created some patches concerning errors


  • Cloud workshop at CERN with about 100 people.
  • Organizing more meetings
  • fixing things


  • Preparing for moving


  • Dealed with some Wicket problems
    • One needs still some cleaning up -> suggest to upgrade to Wicket 6
    • Found another issue with XML datastore. There is a patch waiting to be published.
    • Worked on restructuring a patch from some weeks ago, close to finishing.
    • Answered some tickets (RRD)

Special topics

LRU based on sweeper get lru.

It looks like the sweeper removed files based on file age rather than last access time.

Looks like the confusion was caused by using "-f" option.

-> Columns were confused and columns misunderstood.

The value is used to determine how long a file is on pool before it gets flushed to tape.

Paul and Tigran @ CERN

2 days workshop with 100 people. Talks are online + Videos.

Talked to OwnCloud? Staff regarding our DESY instance/use-case.

  • redirection
  • ACL synchronisation

Will organize meeting with them at DESY

  • Other teams presented their cloud solution.
  • IBM presented OwnCloud? on gpfs. showed that
  • Talk about JIT data analysis
  • Sync and Share, tester QuickCheck?
  • CERN also tries to have a Cloud solution based on EOS, working also with other protocols With a little more clever way of finding changed files

Suggest to watch Keynote Speech about how to find problems in things that are hard to test!

-> Hopefully better contact with OwnCloud? people and meeting

Progress with new features...


File attribute update path: will change chimera, access latency to improve performance


Did we consider or check performance for conversing keys to INT64 instead of STRING. -> Can try, but this might confuse users more (Tigran)

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

Paul: Thursday:


Mountpoint hanging, should they use 4.1 or 4.0? dccp on NFS4.1 mount in 2.2 may cause mount to hang. They needs mkdir, so 3 would be good enough. -> Advised them to use 4.0


Plans for patch-releases

Should we make a new patch release?

Releases on Tuesday.

Outstanding RT Tickets

Review of RB requests

Please have a look at 7499

New, noteworthy and other business


Proposed: same time, next week.