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dCache Tier I meeting December 18, 2014

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Paul), Fermi(Natalia)


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Site reports


Upgraded Tuesday. The upgrade took < 7 minutes. Do have a test-bed now.

Reserved a whole day: repair work -- replace batteries on ?disk? (?UPS?)

Downgrade to NFS v3. Removed mount options ("noac"). Response time has improved.

Upgraded new dCache version on all nodes on the disk

Plan to upgrade the tape instance.

Found minor problems with puppet.

Practise the hot replications -- Chihow exercised Catalin's recipe for replicating hot data.

Clumping issue was previously observed coincident with hot-data replication. This should now be fixed with the updated dCache as Dmitry has back-ported the fix.

Support tickets for discussion

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Thursday 8th January