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Al: working on replica manage stress tests. Takes some time to run them. Observation: scan rate slows down with number of files. But system is working as expected. Only polls scans are affected. Splitting RM patch into manageable portions. Some work on old replica manager.

Anupam: Fixed earlier created bugs. Reading docs on OpenIdConnect? and howto integrate into dcache.

Christian: learning 'selenium' test framework and come up with a way to create test without deep dcache knowledge. Some work on EGI test framework. Looking at tickets. + staff

Dmitry: three activities: helping Al. Undestanding puppet infrastructure for US-CMS. Trouble shooting local installations.

Ivan: Integrated Pauls changes with own work and waiting for reviews. Still see some authentication issues. Getting READ_ONLY access.

Marina: Woring on chunk upload and contineuing work on REAS API.

Femi: Creating new page for users upload/download. Working on SPA. Looking at styleing.

Paul: Trying to get dcache test instance to accept federated AAI x508 certificates. Preparing to Sync-nShare meeting at Zurich. Hat a presentation on hehalf of desy. main target ownClout people to accept out fixes and concerns. Was a success. A follow-up meeting with developers are expected.

Had a chat with other people as weel. Had a chat with Hito about upgrades. Main concer downtime of chimera db schema updates. BNL may get somw user analysis jobs. Neet a latest dcache version for nfs use. Ron(SARA) looks at a posibility of running ownClowd with dcache. they plan to update to 2.13 in spring.

Jurgen: looking at small-files-plugin, which desy has with production system at desy. ~ 5 serious problems to fix. A test system is required. Goint through PoolManager as a part of [policy engine work.

Tigran. running NFS related test from Nikhef.

Special topics

replicamanager and rebalance

Trunk activity

Gerd performance issues

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

No dCache related issues at PIC, GridKa?, NDGF

Plans for patch-releases

We had a release yesterday. No unreleased fixes.

Outstanding Documentation

Outstanding RT Tickets

No urgent tickets.

Review of RB requests

check Femi's patches! Please look at Tigran's patches!

New, noteworthy and other business


no enstore co-workshop in Barcelona.