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[part of a series of meetings]


Al, Anupam, Christian, Dmitry


Al: Planning and discussions about upgrading, Pool Manager, consolidation of functionality

Anupam: Finished OpenID connector plugin, waiting for Review

Christian: Sent out agenda for Barcelona, HBP dCache, internal support tasks

Dmitry: Planning sessions together with Al, some stress tests, CMS Tier 1 puppet setup, 2.13 deployment

Gerd: Planning sessions together with Al, pool monitor, upgrading to 2.15 on Tier1

Marina: Releasing 2.15

Olufemi: Interface design, system tests, Rest API

Tigran: Planning session regarding OwnCloud? integration

Jürgen: Releasing, presentation for Barcelona, was ill for a while

Special topics

Gerd: commit of replica manager

There are a lot of patches in the queue, and we will need very efficient procedures for integration. Gerd proposes bunching patches. Al proposes using a separate branch, continuously rebased against master. After some discussion, we decide to go with quick merging.

Gerd: preserve access logs in Jenkins

Jenkins does not archive all logs of tests as artifacts. Jürgen will ensure they are archived.

Christian: Workshop agenda

We solve last issues with the Barcelona agenda.

Release news

Keeping with the weekly release cycle.

Trunk activity

Progress with new features...

Issues from yesterday's Tier-1 meeting

One user still interested in running SFP , but we don't currently have the resources to ship it.

Another expressed great interest in Ceph.

On one installation, there are problems with very full flush queues.

There was an offer to contribute to the Book, but it came with criticism of DocBook? as the format used.

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests

Tigran asks for review of the NFS locking patches.

New, noteworthy and other business


Same time next week, again on