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[part of a series of meetings]


Gerd, Al, Paul, Tigran, Christian (last meeting)


Gerd: some work on Pinmanager, spacemanager to make them scalable, Liquibase bug, ARGUS libraries looking for proper release: we will have to fork ARGUS repo Al: patch to expose VO information in the web interface, patches on review board. patch for resilience should be in for 2.16 Anupam: indigo data cloud meeting, patch for http basic auth Paul: functional tests in better state, get them in version control Tigran: OwnCloud? 9 for DESY, get it updated on Monday, fixed two bugs in NFS server, integrating Bastian's ldap plugin, NFS related debugging Dmitry: trouble shooting public dCache, interacting with AL Christian: handing over work, found little bug in dCache

Special topics

Gerd - Talk at Lund University

  • storing LHC data in the Nordics
  • Crowdsourcing picture storage

NFS mounts

will write it in user forum Client ran out of port numbers, because the dCache instances are cluster mounted at DESY on the same node RPC can have an option to allow port above 1023, then allowing more than 1024 ports

Dmitry - Chimera IO problem

Disk extremely slow (ioping takes 4 second)

Release news

Paul has taken over until Marina and Juergen are back Fixing some things Regular release at least next week, maybe even this week 2.16 branch: please get OpenIdConnect? This will be our new golden release

no more pull request to anything before 2.13

Should we bump the first number? Might be good to do this after a new golden release.

Trunk activity

NFS can overwrite existing file, this will fix issues with OwnCloud?

Playing around on ideas with multiple poolmanagers.

Issues from yesterday's Tier-1 meeting

Rebalancer problem for Ulf, there is a problem with canceling in PoolManager. Gerd needs to patch this.

Outstanding RT Tickets : Belle 2 http vs xrootd problem, Tigran is waiting for a sample job. --> Gerd follow up on eager option

Review of RB requests

Please look at Anupam patches:

New, noteworthy and other business

Horizontally scalable SRM : dedicated news article should wait for a demonstration of that in production


Same time next week, again on