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[part of a series of meetings]



Marina: Vacation, catching up. QoS code is on RB.

Al: Operations, dissecting Webadmin problem

Olufemi: Upload button works, page refreshes, WebDAV

Gerd: Patches, internal presentation on HA,

Paul: Problem solving wrt exceptions during shutdown

Jürgen: Releasing, EU project stuff

Special topics

Gerd: User Workshop

Gerd proposes to instate a program committee for the next user workshop.

Gerd: SRM client release

Paul: Slow progress, some tests are written

Release news

Keeping with the weekly release cycle.

Trunk activity

We discuss leak avoidance.

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

Outstanding RT Tickets

[This is an auto-generated item. Don't add items here directly]

Review of RB requests

New, noteworthy and other business

Paul: Discussion about monitoring efforts.

Should we have a way to monitor active transfers as a service?


Same time next week, again on