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[part of a series of meetings]


Sibel, Al, Gerd, Olufemi, Paul, Marina, Dimitry, Jürgen, Anupam


Sibel: Getting familiar with the system, getting started with project management and Indigo reporting

Al: Development in RESTful transfer services, prototype exists. Will start work on Polymer and build a client in that.

Gerd: Enabled 2nd SRM backend for SRM proxy. This yielded issues (see Special Topic) that need work.

Olufemi: Polymer summit in Paris, thoughts about restructuring dCacheView. QoS. More features for dCacheView.

Paul: Work on Srm FS. Globbing support gets included. This will help with supporting other storage systems. Probe support for detecting used ports is almost done. Support for policy files in gPlazma. Created / continued "support cheat sheet" to enable new team members to better tackle tickets.

Marina: Releasing,

Dmitry: Troubleshooting systems.

Jürgen: Automated OneData? tests. Organized team meeting. Talked to Sibel about Indigo internals. Will get into releasing again next week. Goals: Get 3.0 out, work on tests.

Anupam: Preparation of Indigo review (demo servers etc.). Worked on several patches, RB work.

Special topics

Gerd: Clustering Srm Manager

Handling SRM requests needed to be changed to make Srm Manager clusterable. SURLs must be reserved across instances. We discuss implementation strategies.

Jürgen / Paul: Project Management

Paul reports on the meeting with Patrick on Monday. We want to help new members work on tickets and train them in installing, running and debugging instances. Jürgen will organize sessions in the same style that Christian did for previous workshops. Also, we will evaluate project reporting solutions. No details are fixed yet, Sibel and Jürgen will report as soon as they find something.

Anupam: OpenID and issuing new UIDs to new users

We need a way to issue UIDs and GIDs for new users coming in "from the wild" using OpenID. Gerd and Anupam discuss ways to implement this, potentially reusing older components.

Release news

There are several issues still keeping the 3.0 release back. We want to fix all of them, and will likely take another week to do so. Jürgen will join again in the next days.

Trunk activity

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests

New, noteworthy and other business


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