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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     7Sibel, Marina, Al, Asif, Paul, Femi, Gerd, Jürgen 
     9= Postcards = 
     11Sibel: Studied EGI procedures, evaluated project management tools. 
     13Marina: Continued work on QoS 
     15Al: Together with Gerd, worked on debugging. Discussed with Olufemi about dCacheView directions and admin integration. 
     17Asif: Evaluated CMSs for our web site. Will continue evaluation and talk to Tigran about rollout, also take a look at documentation systems. 
     19Paul: A lot of debugging work. Implemented parser for IGTF info files. Prepared work packages for a student, proposing to use FTS sync or an alternative LRU algorithm for deleting files on pools. The student will start work in the next few days. Planned for QoS implementation by Marina and Jürgen. Plans to clean up globbing patch, next step in DCAP protection (prep for DCAP client release). 
     21Olufemi: Finished directory handling, integration talks with Al. 
     23Gerd: No news. 
     25Jürgen: Fixed and caused release problems, finally got release out. Worked on making Jenkins usably fast again. Work on getting Robot tests running again. Compiled list of project management tools, will continue work with Sibel on finding something suitable. Blocked by Jenkins, Robot issues. Will continue starting to implement parts of QoS.  
     27= Special topics = 
     29=== Paul: Autodiscovery and DNS === 
     31We observe issues with a 3.0 deployment and a slow DNS server at DESY. Because DNS responses may occasionally be slow, LoginBrokerInfo messages occasionally get dropped. This results in GridFTP door dropouts. 
     33Paul and Gerd discuss details of a behaviour change between 2.15 and 3.0. Some suggestions for better diagnosis are made. We want to understand the mechanics and impact of this behaviour before releasing 3.0. 
     35As a first means of bisecting, we'll analyze the behaviour of 2.16 on the same machine to understand whether or not we're facing a regression. 
     37=== Olufemi: NFS problems with Mac OS === 
     39After updating his Mac OS release, Olufemi could no longer upload files through NFS. No one has experience with Sierra, so we will need to evaluate. 
     41= Release news =  
     43Back to the weekly release cycle. 3.0 is still held back because of the abovementioned DNS issue. Jenkins is seriously slow with regard to rendering the web interface, which should not hinder releasing per se, but will require some short maintenance downtimes. 
     45= Trunk activity = 
     47Staging permissions: Paul, Al and Dmitry discuss introducing an improved scheme for identifiying users for staging permissions.  
     49= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
     51= Outstanding RT Tickets = 
     53= Review of RB requests = 
     55= New, noteworthy and other business = 
     57= DTNM = 
     59Same time next week, again on