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[part of a series of meetings]


Sibel, Anupam, Tigran, Al, Paul, Jürgen


Sibel: Researching project reporting tools, expecting decision at the end of the week.

Anupam: No news, started work on RB comments

Tigran: Back from vacation, many meetings, DDN makes an offer today to run dCache natively on their machines as an appliance. Another project: Accelerator monitoring data directly into dCache, 500 MB/s. We did some performance tweaks to meet the performance criteria.

Al: Partly on operations, partly on development. Meeting with Dmitry last week, discussing migration from Replica to Resilience Manager. Work on Transfer Service integration set aside for now.

Paul: Adding IGTF info file support, globbing and srmls support, support

Gerd: Finished path to cluster SRM manager, deployed today at NDGF

Jürgen: Releasing, Certificates, Indigo, some work on tickets, Small Files

Special topics

Jürgen: Slack

Slack seems to have problematic passages in its TOS. Jürgen will check with DESY's software support team to see whether we need to do anything. In general, we'd be in favour of keeping Slack as our central team communication tool.

Paul: Versioning

We discuss which versioning scheme to use for the next releases, and whether to keep the "golden" support concept.

We'll go with releasing 3.0.0 now, which will *not* be a golden release.

Release news

Keeping with the weekly release cycle. Tagging of 3.0 is coming up.

Trunk activity

Progress with new features...

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

PIC reported FAX (Federated Access through xrootd) problems, also appearing at another site (see RT tickets)

Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review of RB requests

New, noteworthy and other business


Same time next week, again on