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[part of a series of meetings]


Al, Marina, Anupam, Asif, Sibel


Femi: Decided he will do the front end, because he knows a lot about polymer.

Al: Marked up and plan all the services regarding patches on the review board. He is adding the restful services and makes backend support. He discussed with Gerd a memory issue at the week end

Marina: Working on a patch restful call. It allows users to migrate from one pool to another. She submitted the patch. She is working on releases. She just added new attributes to the rest call

Anupam: Working for some INDIGO stuff. One provider not registered to OneData? stuff. Multiple checksum are not working properly. He is trying to solve it

Asif: Working on the pushing mechanism in the github website. He has done the categories.he needs some time more for the mechanism

Sibel: dCache book. dCache workshop Umea

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