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[part of a series of meetings]


Dmitry, Marina, Anupam, Asif, Sibel, Paul


Dmitry: He worked on fixing issues like soft link to directory. (Link to destination has a slash and he has to fix that). SRM checksum option with two patches. Trouble shooting. He discussed restful API.

Marina: Continued work on adding move command to rest API. Cleaned up comments on review board.

Anupam: Finished the changes to checksum, he stored multiple checksum. He extended the command to multiple checksum. Indigo stuff changed dcache plug in. He looked at one data one provider

Asif: He finished the push mechanism report and he will present the results to Tigran.

Sibel: Went on with dCache book. Organizing dCache workshop issues....

Paul: Paul joined the Taiwan meeting. There he had two talks. One about containers and dCache. The other one was about the macaroons as a theoretical concept. The OpenID connect part failed. The other part with the macaroons worked quite good. He was playing with globus and he had a patch for dynamic patch. Globus requires a rapid response and globus stp server performance markers and progress marker. Patches are on review board now and are working. Testbed intance for CMS. Test version of 3.0 with the globus patches. Small test are not breaking everything. Talked to the IHEP people the australian people have very similar opinion to dcache. He was solving the ihs line. Coupler contacts have unmutable files. CMS similar to authorization talk. The user gets an authorization token...

Special topics

dCache workshop

We should have a presentation what s going on in INDIGO. dCache is funded by INDIGO, QoS front end, CDMI front end, Building up a test demo, Federated storage system, CDMI interface is running by Anupam. It is not part of dCache. It is stand alone talking to data, Querying the quality of service. We can demo this, Restful interface, Replica resilient manager



Release news

Marina. will push the new release this week. The next major release 3.1 is possible

Trunk activity

Issues from tier 1:

Three site connecting. Xavier connecting from KIT. dCache is running fine. 600 TB pool. The largest pool in dCache. NDGF: File zero lands. Zookeeper from 2.10 is working well. 370.000 files

Ulf believes this is not a a problem with dCache. If sth comes up. He will open up a ticket. 2.13 - 2.16 automatic upgrade is not working properly. they delete table by hand . Rt ticket 150 multiple store requests globus transfer service. They are planning to upgrade to 3.0

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Outstanding RT Tickets

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Review board: a lot of patches from Al. Other patches in review board needs to be reviewed

Review of RB requests

New, noteworthy and other business


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