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[part of a series of meetings]


Tigran, Olufemi, Asif, Marina, Sibel, Paul


Tigran: He was busy with hanging stuff and nfs client. An example: If multiple pools are running on one host, than client may centrific to one pool and trying to other pool. If we have multiple pools on a single machine and the client thinks that all have one machine. We don't run on a multiple machine.

Olufemi: Has nothing new to report.

Asif: He just gives one link. We should look and comment it.

Marina: She is busy with basically releasing 3.1.

Anupam: is ill today.

Asif: He finished the push mechanism report and he will present the results to Tigran.

Sibel: Went on with dCache book. Organizing dCache workshop agenda

Paul: Paul will go to parental leave this week. During this time there will be the RDA meeting. He is going to organize people who will join the RDA meeting. Consolidating for quality of services. Fix globus transfer services working. Migrating instances to 3.0. Than american sites can use 2.16. Preparing dCache workshop agenda with Tigran and Sibel

Special topics

The status of Restful API to 3.0. One option is to leave 2.16 and 3.0 as it is. We can show demo during the workshop and they can install it live there. We don't do backports. We will focus on 3.1 we'll inform Indigo people.

Confluence management tool is available for every user, who has an DESY account.



Release news

3.1 was released last Monday. We have a 3.1 branch. If you want to have a 3.1 branch, you have to throw 2.16 and 3.0. If there is a bug fix, it has to go to 3.1 branch.

Gerd said, that the release notes will be available soon. Paul is doing a SRM Client release.

Trunk activity

Tigran: A number of weaks inn the review board. Number 150.

Issues from tier 1: Two sides connecting PIC(Port d'Informació Científica in Barcelona) and KIT NFS issue. Problems with multiple stage request. Script falling and we get additional request. One issue: How dCache is flushing fast to tape. Before SRM put done. PIC is upgrading from 2.13 to 2.16

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

Outstanding RT Tickets

Given people an Rt ticket to working on.

Simple document for diagnosing

You get started to answer some tickets?

Who feels comfortable doing

Which document?

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Review board: a lot of patches from Al. Other patches in review board needs to be reviewed

Review of RB requests

Femi has some patches.

Paul is in touch with IHEP: because they are presenting ISGC NFS support in dcache. They have a quiet impressive storage . They have also a zoo of different solutions

New, noteworthy and other business


Same time next week, again on