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[part of a series of meetings]


Al, Dmitry, Anupam, Sibel, Tigran


Al: Al committed the first swatch due to RESTful services. He wants to talk about billing with Tigran in detail after the meeting. He wants to know about resilience experience.

Dmitry: NFS File scriptors trying to apply the patch, but it failed. We have to upgrade the dCache. He setted up the system and modified the sql. He is restarting NFS every week.

Anupam: A new plan for INDIGO releasing. On the dCache side currently investigating the dCache master brunch on checksum … 0 byte files. He is trying to install server from prometheus. He has also XML sessions about login strategy...

Tigran: He is trying to run samba server at DESY and also started replica in the production here. From non replica setup to replica setup, it is now in production and we will see how users will react.

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Tigran started with CEPH thing. CEPH can do replication. Zookeeper server can be used. How to replicate metadata and store it on a mongo DB. All pool informations. The single pool can take over metadata, there is less activity from pool.

He has to fix couple of starts … maybe until end of april or middle of may he will have a result.

billing: reviewing Al’s patches :

Billing does not use text file. RDBMS. Last ex search it is a separate cluster machine, which runs billing. We can embedde it in dCache. We can modify the file in jason files and...

What happens in terms of KIBANA3 ?

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