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[part of a series of meetings]


Al, Anupam, Dmitry, Sibel


Al: Made some modifications to API, refactored the services, added an admin GID. He is just moving forward with these services collected pool information, space info, Q Info, packaging up the information. He will probably look at the alarms. Al is waiting for Femi to discuss dCache view. For the workshop presentation of Al and Dmitry he wants to talk with Paul. They insist on the following old or new resilience setup. Maybe run on prometheus.Resilience migrating from old to new. They try to grab Tigran. Anupam: He went on wit the checksum work, tuned out to fix out the poster the pull request. He has just post these changes. The sessions are working, to make them work with sessions configuration, standard sttp, session conflict make changes in the review board

Dmitry: He was sick, nothing to report. Discovered CMS...

Sibel: Working for the workshop, presentations must be sent to the neIC2017 committee on 22. April 2 sessions. Went on with dCache book. Informed the URT meeting, that 3.1 is out.

Tigran: He was busy with update, couldn't join the meeting.

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