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[part of a series of meetings]


Vincent, Al, Anupam, Dmitry, Olufemi, Jürgen, Paul


Vincent: organizational issues, starting out with development. Database group at CERN wants to do some root analyses between Hadoop and EOS. They require a Java-based xrootd client.

Al: RESTful services development is stuck because Tigran's feedback is still out. Debuggin work on dCacheView.

Anupam: Cells TLS patch

Dmitry: Backporting patches, lots of work with DB updates for 2.16

Olufemi: Bugfixes, new version of dCache View

Paul: Committed ftp patch for storage accounting (for WLCG). Fixed lots of issues with Jenkins and in SRM.

Jürgen: Onedata / Oneprovider integration currently stuck because they use chunked writing (see Github issue). Projectstorage setup can finally start (HW's ready). Work on GGUS ticket requiring dusting off of SRM Nagios probe (

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