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    55= Participants = 
     7Sibel, Vincent, Al, Tigran, Paul, Jürgen, Dmitry 
    79= Postcards = 
    9 About one minute (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions: 
    10  *  What I did last week (since the last meeting), 
    11  *  What I plan to do in the next week. 
     11Sibel: Workshop done! :-) Planning for next workshop already started. Will take over webpage development from Asif. Started getting into release work.  
    13 No questions until we get through everyone :) 
     14- Lately I worked on having a dCache pre-prod instance @ ndgf which is there now ! 
     15* dcache configuration, e.g., dcache.conf, is now 100% generated from ansible (dcache version, admin acces, db password, etc) 
     16* pre-prod is registered in ATLAS (NDGF-T1-MWTEST_DATADISK) and validated for listing, upload, fts and deletion by ATLAS load (internal monitoring and external) 
     17* it has been used to validate Monday's upgrade to 3.2.2 
     18** Some issues found in addition in prod. Like with endit plugin: Thanks to Tigran I provided a new release which looked to have fixed the issues 
     19-> We have now something which looks interesting and a good basis to complement (apply the ansible role in production, add endit test, etc) and experiment changes before reaching production 
     20- I'll give a (remote) talk at the next ATLAS software week about Qos in Data management: introduction, thoughts and discussion at DESY 
     21* Data Management Evolution Discussion session (Thursday at 5pm ) 
     22* local dCache guys (paul, tigran, etc ) are invited 
     23* I'll circulate the slides once I have a draft 
     25Al: Continued frontend work with Olufemi. Refreshing of cancelled transfers patch has progressed, can be reviewed. Debugging work on Resilience and server/client handshakes.  
     27Tigran: Participated in GDB, presenting last year's work. Discussions about standardization / documentation of xrootd. Discussion with DESY's dCache ops team about an issue with decomissioning Resilient pools. We need to streamline the decomissioning process. 
     29Paul: Work on Scitoken support. XDC demo instance using CDMI 
    1531= Special topics = 
    17 Please list special topics you would like to bring up here *before* the meeting, and, if posssible, add a time estimate. We should try to limit this segment to 45 minutes, and that only in exceptional cases. 
     33A controversial discussion about adressing the issues around decomissioning resilient pools develops.  
    1935= Release news =  
     37We need release notes for 4.2 
    2139Keeping with the weekly release cycle.