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     3[part of a [wiki:developers-meetings series of meetings]] 
     5= Participants = 
     7= Postcards = 
     9Sibel: Website renovation, dCache Book work. Promises Japanese Book ;-) 
     11Al: Patch to fix billing issue with xrootd 3rd party issues: Door client is always the originator. Experimenting with live representation of ongoing transfers in a JS environment. 
     13Marina: Fixed some smaller issues, work with summer students on billing file analysis. Continued work on alarms messaging.  
     15Olufemi: Nothing new. 
     17Vincent: just back from vacation. Streamlined config for production / preproduction setup at NDGF.  
     19Paul: OpenID Connect federation within Helmholtz. Upcoming presentation incl. demo in Karlsruhe. Local support of operations team.  Work on diagnosis patch for analyzing transfer failures. Discussion about possible issues behind the failures. 
     21Dmitry: Their dCache does not allow TLS 1.0, which lead to users being unable to issue bring-online requests. Fixed. Big problems with faulty NFS clients locally.  
     23Jürgen: De-Scalaify gplazma, book, Jenkins, XDC preparation for all hands meeting, local support 
     25= Special topics = 
     27=== Tigran: why do we still pin permanent files and if there is a reason for that, why is this not off by default? === 
     29There are corner cases where this makes sense (think, in a Resilience setting, of the situation where you're not reading a file for an hour or so but know that a job will read it later on), but we agree that the default can be set to off. 
     31= Release news =  
     33Keeping with the weekly release cycle. 
     35= Trunk activity = 
     37Progress with new features... 
     39= Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting] = 
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     45= Review of RB requests = 
     47= New, noteworthy and other business = 
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     51Same time next week, again on