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[part of a series of meetings]



About one minute (uninterrupted) per person where they can answer two questions:

  • What I did last week (since the last meeting),
  • What I plan to do in the next week.

No questions until we get through everyone :)

Special topics

Please list special topics you would like to bring up here *before* the meeting, and, if posssible, add a time estimate. We should try to limit this segment to 45 minutes, and that only in exceptional cases.

Release news

Keeping with the weekly release cycle.

Trunk activity

Progress with new features...

Tigran trying to get Java 11 working.

Sites may be pushed to run Java 11 in January 2019. Tigran now has a full-chain to compile v8 and v11.

Do we need to rearrange code to satisfy modules.

No, it's not needed -- we can run the same code-base

Updating ZK and AspectJ seems to be sufficient to build dCache using OpenJDK v11.

We can produce JDK v8 bytecode, which should work with OpenJDK v8 and v11. This will likely be back-ported to our stable branches.

4.2 admin pages,

Issues from [FIXME: Add link to yesterday's Tier-1 meeting]

Outstanding RT Tickets

[This is an auto-generated item. Don't add items here directly]

Review of RB requests

New, noteworthy and other business


Same time next week, again on