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Status der dCache Referenz Installation (Software)

  • Info ist auf der d-grid home page available
  • Momentan supported :
    • YAIM und manuell
    • SL4 32/64 Bit
    • dCache 1.7.x
  • Ab Ende Maerz
    • YAIM und manuell
    • SL5 bzw DEBIAN 32/64 Bit
    • dCache 1.8 (details see later)

Improvements of 1.8.x (this might be a bit specific)

  • Space Manager (Mandatory for LHC sites).
  • Chimera : Improved (faster) file system engine.
  • Federated dCache (like NDGF spanning 4 countries)
  • Support of ftp protocol version II which allows direct data from between different SE pools.
  • ....

Current Usage in germany (and worldwide)

Plots mit space/sites

Funding sources

Kleines bild mit DESY,FERMI,OSG, HEPCG, DGI-2, HGFAllianz

Mainly only HEP usage (LHC,HERA,CDF,CMS,RIC... )

Why :

  • Access protocols have been especially designed for hep. no 'real posix' access. http in read mode only w/o ssl.
  • Authentication : X509 and Kerberos
  • Authorization : basic unix only (rwx bits) no sophisticated ALCS
  • But as well : Communities have their only framework already established which is hard to change.

Future :

due to funding by HGFAllianz and DGI-2 :

  • already beta testing : Real posix ACL's
  • http(s) read and write : 3Q 2008 (maybe earlier)
  • NFS4 which allows standard real posix I/O from all OS's which can be used by any application without special treatment. (End of 2008)
  • LFC part of dCache instead separate instance (Timeline yet unknown)

This makes the dCache attractive for other communities.

Help and support for other communities frequently organizes workshops for training. In the future will get help by the HGF Allianz 'knowledge center' and the SuGI d-grid group.

In addition offers phone conferences and meetings to whoever community is interested in the use of dCache.

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