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FROHNER Akos wrote on 22.10.2009 11:46:

My comment on the UNICORE tasks:

1.Harmonisation of the data transfer protocols that are jointly defined

by the middlewares

2.Extending the UNICORE Storage Management with an SRM interface

I would rephrase this sentence as

Extending the UNICORE Storage Management with the agreed protocol(s) of task 1.

Ok. But I think SRM should be mentioned somewhere.

3.Extending the data staging on the worker node to integrate SRM access

to external sources, evaluation of the usage of existing SRM implementations/clients for the integration step

If UNICORE is only the client, then it is Task 2.

4.Integration of file catalogue access (LFC) in the data staging process

  • Implementation of the „lfn“-access directive in the job description (JDSL)
  • Integration of file catalogue access into the data staging of the worker node, evaluation of the usage of existing LFC implementations/clients

A possible proposed alternative is extending LFC with a web-services interface so that should make the this integration easier (and also satisfy other user's requirements).

Well, in my proposal I did not wanted to say anything about the nature of the access. Therefore I wrote both "implementation/clients". ;)

The web service interface would be a part of LFC. IIRC, LFC itself should not be a part of EMI. ??

There is a possible convergence point here with Chelonia that the web services API can be compatible (and it could be even an already existing protocol).

5.Update of the existing protocols and access mechanisms to comply with

the new security stack adopted in the project

I guess the minimum is SSL. On the other hand there was Shibboleth and Kerberos mentioned and I am not sure if we could explicitly commit to supporting them.

Here we have to rely on what comes out of the security package of EMI. Therefore I used this general term. I think we will probably have no choice here as a change in the security infrastructure is one major goal of EMI.