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German Support Meeting : Perparation of the Goettingen workshop

Participants : Goettingen(Pavel,Joerg), Kit(Xavier), Wuppertal(Sergey), Aachen(Oleg), DESY(Birgit),,Paul,Patrick)

Minutes : Patrick

Progress report from the local organizers

  • Everything is well in time.
  • Goettingen needs the virtual machines as soon as available for testing and to prepare Spare-Laptops.
  • Up to now 14 real registrants. will contact some missing dCache Tier II's

Preparation of the virtual machines

There are two versions available. SL5 and Fedora-14. Unfortunately the Fedora one has problems with voms-proxy-init. Xavier and Tigran will investigate.

New strategy discussed with Xavier and Tigran after the phone conference, as Tigran will not be available next week :

  • Tigran will prepare a fully functional VM based on Fedora-14 (including pNFS, dCache, and voms services) by mid of tomorrow.
  • Based on this Xavier will prepare the VM for the workshop while Tigran is away.


Done by Paul and Oleg.

  • Details will be prepared and presented (see "Next Steps")

Presentations on protocols

  • xrootd : Sergey
  • WebDAV : Oleg
  • NFS 4.1 : Paul

New presentations

  • Mattias Wadenstein (NDGF) agreed to report on the new dCache logging facility and on how NDGF does global logging.
  • Gerard might want to report on their upgrade to 1.9.10 from 1.9.5

Next Steps

  • Now
    • Patrick will give Xavier access to (DONE)
    • Patrick will give Lucie access to the indico registration list.
    • Patrick negotiates with Gerard/PIC on his contribution.
  • Friday (this week)
    • Tigran will provide a Fedora-14 VM with pNFS/dCache and voms client services.
  • Monday (next week)
    • Paul and Oleg will prepare a plan for the Migration session (Oleg responsible for the Hands-on)
    • Patrick will invite for a phone conference : Monday 11:00
  • Thursday (next week)
    • Sergey will setup a system to compare dCache xrootd with SLAC xrootd.
    • Sergey agreed to incorparate messurements from Yves, Dmitry and Gerd.
    • Oleg will prepare a plan for his WebDAV presentation. (Double-check with Tanja/

Next regular meeting

  • two weeks from now

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