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German Support Meeting : Perparation of the Goettingen workshop 21/2/2011

Participants : Kit(Xavier), Wuppertal(Sergey), Aachen(Oleg),,Patrick,Yves)

Minutes : Patrick

Organizing the 'configuration migration' (Oleg,Paul)

Paul will do the theory part. It will be mainly split into three sections :

  • Details on the new configuration system.
  • The migration itself, (manual, automatic)
  • Post-Migration : what will be better with the new configuration system.

Paul suggests to have the break NOW. (in the Workshop agenda)

Oleg will do the 'hands-on' session. He can only start his work after Xavier will make the Virtual Machine available.

  • First section will take a 1.9.5 (Virtual machine) and convert it to 1.9.12 using the migration-script.
  • This will be followed by a review of the new files which were created by the auto-migration-script.
  • The dCache version will now be rolled back (by scripts moving the /opt/d-cache away) ...
  • Next step is to migrate a more challenging dCache installation which can't be converted by the auto-migration-script.
  • Oleg will contact Christina (Juelich), Xavier(KIT) and the Goettingen people for complex configuration examples.

xrootd evaluation

  • Will run Rene's ROOT script and Hammercloud against the DESY test system.
  • Yves will make the system ready till Wednesday.
  • Sergey will install the SLAC xrootd system (including redirector) on Wednesday (if possible)
  • Goal : have reaonable plots until end of next week.
  • Will discuss further steps Thursday.

Virtual image

  • Xavier will get the lastest virtual machine from Tigran web page
  • Xavier will make it a larger partition to hold bigger pools.
  • Xavier will add a host certificate (from KIT) and add this cert and the CA cert.
  • Xavier will will check if the new VM will allow to mount NFS 3 and NFS 4.1 (-o minorversion=1)
  • Xavier will make new virtual image available to Oleg as fast as possible. Maybe even an early version so that Oleg can start with his 'hands-on' work.


  • Sergey : Patrick : ask Gerd if he agrees on mentioning his CHEP paper duing the workshop (refering to it, using findings of the paper)
  • Sergey : Remember to mention new Postgres version (is already used by some sites, BNL)

Next meeting

  • Thursday this week (24 Feb 2011, 10:30)
  • Patrick will send invitation around.

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