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SRM 2.2 Grid Deployment Meeting , Friday Feb 8, 2008

Participants : Doris, Flavia, Greig, Timur and Patrick

Next patch for 1.8.0-12 (which is p5) will be made available on Monday.

The following issues will be fixed :

  • Space Tokens will be provided to the MSS script.
  • Space Token format problem between DPM and dCache.
  • dCache is silently ignore wrong checksum format (provided by Castor)
  • dCache (for now) treats one slash in the URL as absolute path, though this is wrong. Storm and DMP already have fixed their code so that they provide the correct number of slashed. CASTOR will follow soon with version 1.3.11 patch 1313. dCache will sooner or later remove the fix to be compliant to the specs again.

If time allows, the following fix will be in patch 5.

  • If in lcg-gt, a not supported.

Issues which are not yet fully clear :

  • If requests from the same user but with and w/o a Role reside in dCache at the same time, it seems dCache is using only one of the entries for both requests.

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