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Upgrade of Hera dCache to 1.8

  • Problem with PnfsManager V3. NFS clients stucks after a while.
  • Question on how to handle the namespace
  • We will start with ILC and chimera.
  • Which database for the new Chimear instance / postgres , (oracle)
  • Orcale licence ordered
  • We will very likely start with postgres and after the local oracle group commits to supporting dCache we will possibly move to oracle.
  • Plan for DECEMBER : ILC, chimera, postgres, URI for tape backend.
  • Old hera experiments will be converted later (some years)
  • Goal is to get rid of srm-dcache.
  • Zeus needs the upgrade pretty fast due to the required usage of vector read.
  • srm-dcache will be merged with hera dcache but when ?????
  • hardware is going to be ordered now
  • more storage (10 thumpers)
  • ILC extraction first , hera follows.
  • ILC in November15 ( ILC absprechen, hard ware need to be available)
  • Hera in December plus srm-dcache into hera-dcache.

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