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pNFS Directory Renaming

This comes from a support email and is so far untested.

PNFS top directories, associated to a database, are indeed very special in doing rename and remove. But it can be done.


Just do the rename as the 'root' user. You will get the error message

"mv: cannot move `xxx' to `yyy': Stale NFS file handle"
Nevertheless the directory is renamed.


Please us the /pnfs/fs directory to perform the 'remove'.

# cd /pnfs/fs
# ls
admin README usr
# cat ".(id)(usr)"
# cd usr
# ls
data dir-tests yyy
# cat ".(id)(yyy)"
# sclient rmdirentry 1122 000000000000000000001080 yyy
# ls
data dir-tests

That should do the trick.

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