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This is the list of items to add for info service.


o Pingtime


o Expiration time

o Lifetime


o list which links are members of a linkgroup


o restructure information to make it clear where the state is. Most prominent is "enabled", which could be from the Pool itself or from PoolManager.


o maintain space information for VOs that have blanket auth.


o add up pools space to get summary of space information for link


o Add the hosting machine's FQDN.


o more a SRM bug - linkgroups show up which aren't there

o Is it possible to reduce the Time to populate after startup?

o provide information on movers (active transfers)?

o provide information on tape transfers?

From Brian

  1. It'd be nice to expose some more options from the PoolManager specifically, I used to query the pool manager to see if staging and p2p was turned on.
  2. I also would like to detect which poolgroups allow staging and p2p (as I advertise them as SAs, and would like to know the capabilities of the spaces). To do this, I'd like to be able to do "hsm ls" and see if any HSMs are set up. Could you expose this to some extent (one thought I had was to check and see if the queue sizes for staging are

From Gerd/NDGF

The pool manager maintains more information about a pool than is listed in the info service. Doing psu ls poo in PoolManager, we get something like:

dcsc_ku_dk_037 (enabled=true;active=19;rdOnly=false;links=0;pgroups=1;hsm=[];mode=enabled)

The last two fields are missing. In particular mode is essential for the dCache nagios checker, as this tells us what the status of the pool is from the POV of the pool manager. The enabled and rdOnly flags only provide information about the configuration.

Could you please add this information, as it is important for the checker.


Can we add monitoring of PnfsManager; in particular, the queue lengths.

Volker Buege

Is it possible to retrieve this information:

as XML export?

Christoph Mitterer

RT #5597 Everything from the web interface's /context/transfers.txt file

RT #5591 something's wrong with add file checksum