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PoolManager Property Link

The PoolManager is the core of dCache as it maps files via to dCache to the storage on disk. This component is configured with a hierarchical configuration. The "link" property gathers together Pool Groups with priorities for reading, writing, pier to pier transfers and unit properties.

This is a default link described in the PoolManager. It creates a link called default-link which is accessible through the ugroup properties any-protocol to store files in the any-store when the client IP address is within the set ugroup world-net.

psu create link default-link any-protocol any-store world-net
psu set link default-link -readpref=10 -writepref=10 -cachepref=10 -p2ppref=-1
psu add link default-link default

The second line sets the read,write, cache and pier to pier priorities. The third line states that the transfers matched by this set shoudl be stored in the pgroup default.