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TelePaths Project for dCache (Proposal by Jay Packard)

What is the Tele Paths Project in dCache ?

This will enable SRM to use Terapaths, a DOE funded project, which provides end to end guaranteed bandwidth paths through QOS as well as provide a plugin architecture for other QOS services. Terapaths is currently being deployed at BNL and several Tier 2 sites and we expect will be required for all Tier 2 sites somewhat soon, which is why we would like seamless integration with SRM.

dCache Code Change Proposal

Actually, CopyRequest is precisely the SRM class I want to change. The proper way to create a Java plugin in my mind is for the application (SRM in our case) to only know of a generic interface (a QOS plugin interface in our case). Then, specific instantiations of this QOS plugin interface would reside in a special plugins directory. So, for example, the CopyRequest constructor would look in the configuration file (srm.batch???) and find the name of the QOS class to create (such as "LSQOSPlugin" or "TerapathsQOSPlugin" or "WhateverQOSPlugin" that all implement "QOSPlugin"), create an object of this class, and then make interface calls on that object instead of a LS specific class.

So my proposal would be to define the "QOSPlugin" interface, create the "LSQOSPlugin" that in turn calls your LambdaStationMap and LambdaStationTicket (without changing those classes) as well as the "TerapathsQOSPlugin" which makes a terapaths reservation (I am one of the Terapaths developers so I can easily do this). Finally, strip CopyRequest of LS specific code.

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