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Changing the OSM tags to enstore tags when attaching Enstore to your dCache instance

This description only covers 'non tape' transitions between OSM and Enstore systems.

Now to

Create two new tags in all of the pnfs directories containing old non tape files. The name of the tags are storage_group and file_family

The value of those tags should be :

storage_group should get the value of the OSM Store, which is kept in the OSM OSMTemplate tag. Please note that the OSMTemplate tag can have more information than just the OSM Store name. Please use the value part of the

StoreName <storeName>

key value pair inside the OSMTemplate tag.

For file_family just take the content of the OSM sGroup tag.

In other words :

  cat ".(tag)(sGroup)" > ".(tag)(file_family)"
  cat ".(tag)(OSMTemplate)" | awk '{ print $2 }' > ".(tag)(storage_group)"

Remark on tag inheritance.

Because tags are only inherited on creation of a new subdirectory, the new enstore tags won't be inherited by already existing sub directories. Consequently you have to create the new enstore tags in all 'old OSM' sub and subsub.. directories.

Changing the PSU units

After the pnfs directory tags have been modified, you need to change the corresponding PSU units in the PoolManager.conf file. The syntax for the new enstore units is :


Please note that for enstore you have to use the 'dot' and not the 'colon' delimiter.

Please use the

  reload -yes

command to read the PoolManager.conf into the PoolManager system.

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