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Management Scripts

OSG tools

OSG tools

GridPP scripts

GridPP DCache_Administration_Scripts

Enhanced versions of GridPP scripts From Antonio

These check for files in a pool that are not known by PNFS, and otherwise, can retrieve their path to classify files by pool (the latest is a slower process).

Find dCache orphans and pool files

For the-other-way-round case (files in PNFS but not on disk), we have another script (originally developed at PIC), which may be useful for you. You can find it at: files in PNFS but not on disk.

You will need the and scripts in that directory. Please be aware that the script is really slow (if you have many files under PNFS).

We have not added it to the sysadmin wiki repository because people at PIC were trying to finish some more scripts to verify consistency among the different parts of dCache. However, I don't know if that work be really finished, since we were told that problems with ghost files and such inconsistencies should have almost disappeared for newer versions of dCache (although I don't from which version exactly), so we are not sure is worth the effort.

In our site, we find we need to use the first set of scripts more often than the second one.