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Release with maven

Let do a release of dcache-2.2.2. We assume, that current 2.2 branch has a version 2.2.2-SNAPSHOT.

  1. checkout branch to release
    $ svn co svn+ssh://
    $ cd 2.2
  1. run maven release target
    $ mvn --batch-mode release:prepare -DautoVersionSubmodules=true -DdevelopmentVersion=2.2.3-SNAPSHOT

this will run test, create a tag 2.2.2 and bump version number to 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT. The changes will be committed.

  1. Build packages.
  • go to dCache Build
  • select package type. Please Notice, that for version < 2.3 you have to select server-fhs for fhs packages. Starting 2.3 server will produce FSH package.
  • Click on Build. This will trigger a down-stream build with the correct configuration. Wait ...
  1. Collect the results.

After successful build collect packages from the down-stream project: dCache Packages.

  1. publish packages on
    • Buy some flowers for Antje and ask for release notes.
    • If package is 1.9.12 then copy packages to
    • If package is 2.x then either:
      • Buy some more flowers and ask Antje to copy files to the correct dcache instance at desy
    • or
      • Generate a proxy certificate with /desy/Role=dcacheadmin (e.g., voms-proxy-init --voms desy:/desy/Role=dcacheadmin)
      • Rename the tar-ball file to include a package version (e.g., mv dcache-2.2.4.tar.gz dcache-2.2.4-1.tar.gz)
      • Create the directory ${BRANCH} srmmkdir srm://dcache-se-desy/pnfs/${BRANCH} (e.g., srmmkdir srm://dcache-se-desy/pnfs/
      • Upload files using SRM to the directory srm://dcache-se-desy/pnfs/${BRANCH} (e.g., srm://dcache-se-desy/pnfs/
    • Use wget to verify files are accessible via${BRANCH}/${FILE} (e.g.,
    • Using md5sum (Linux machines) or digest -a md5 (Solaris machines) to calculate MD5 checksum for these files.
    • update releases.xml
    • log into dcache-infra03 ( though pal )
    • go to /www/www/ ( this is the same directory as on )
    • run ./
    • check download page and newly generated links
  1. consume some coffee or some other staff.