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Installing dCache without YUM but using RPM

Yum is a useful tool, but it is not included in RHEL4. If yum is installed you should follow this page. You can also add yum to your distribution if it is based upon rpm. Yum is not a dCache dependency, and so we can work around not using yum. dCache can be set up by hand without using rpm at all, but it is nice to know exactly which version of the server your using with a simple command, so we would recommend rpm over tgz installs on rpm based systems.

[root@swords ~]# rpm -qa | grep -i dcache

Since yum is an update and installation tool, you may not want to install it for fear of loosing control of your system. This is a reasonable perspective for some users who may use other tools.

Target (meta) packages.

For yum users dCache provides a series of meta packages. These rpms contain no files, they only provide requirements for dependencies. For yum this allows a single command to install many rpms automatically.

Package Dependencies Repository
desy-SE_dcache_pool dcache pool nodes
desy-SE_dcache_admin_postgres dcache admin nodes running PNFS postgresql and postgresql
desy-SE_dcache_admin_gdbm dcache admin nodes running PNFS gdbm and postgresql
desy-SE_dcache_info dcache node and BDII information system and gLite31

Browsing the repositories

The dCache repository, has a base directory, subdirectories are based upon architecture, and labels such as stable, testing and unstable. If you are working with production servers we recommend you only use the stable repository.

Then browse repository subdirectories finding latest version of the target RPM. for this example I picked the target for a desy dcache pool.


in this case I chose

as I wanted a stable version for the i386 architecture.

Installing and Resolving dependencies.

then try and install it

[root@krems ~]# rpm -i
error: Failed dependencies:
        dcache-client >= 1.8.0 is needed by desy-SE_dcache_pool-0.0.3-0.noarch
        dcache-server >= 1.8.0 is needed by desy-SE_dcache_pool-0.0.3-0.noarch
        dcacheVoms2Gplasma >= 0.0.3 is needed by desy-SE_dcache_pool-0.0.3-0.noarch
        dCachePostInstallConfigurationScripts is needed by desy-SE_dcache_pool-0.0.3-0.noarch
        j2sdk is needed by desy-SE_dcache_pool-0.0.3-0.noarch

So now try recursively to resolve the dependencies.

[root@krems ~]# rpm -i
[root@krems ~]# rpm -i
error: Failed dependencies:
        dcache-srmclient is needed by dcache-client-1.8.0-0.noarch
        dcache-dcap is needed by dcache-client-1.8.0-0.noarch

Some packages like "dcache-client" will have further dependencies.