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Space Reservation Command

A new administrative function was added to dCache space manager, that allows an administrator to reserve space in a given LinkGroup. Administrator must not use link group name, but rather link group id, as recorded by the space manager. Link Groups ids are printed by a space manager "ls" command.


cd SrmSpaceManager
reserve   [-vog=voGroup] [-vor=voRole] [-acclat=AccessLatency] [-retpol=RetentionPolicy] [-desc=Description]  [-lgid=LinkGroupId] <sizeInBytes> <lifetimeInSecs>

NOTE on life time, there are still two flaws in 1.8.0-11 which will be resolved in 1.8.0-12

  • The time is specified in millis not in seconds
  • To specify an infinit lifetime, please use a VERY high number.


reserve -acclat=NEARLINE -retpol=CUSTODIAL -desc="RAW001" -lgid=1 -vog=/cms/test  1024 3600

Once a space reservation is performed, the resulting token can be used in subsequent srm transfer operations.

Provided by Timur at Tue Nov 30 16:37:28 2021