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LHCB example

Lhcb has CUSTODIAL NEARLINE for both space tokens. So you may create either both tokens on the same group of pools or you may create two different pool sets and attach the tokens to those.

Example 1

General prerequisits

# The unit Groups (network and protocol)

psu create unit -net
psu create unit -protocol */*
psu create ugroup any-protocol
psu addto ugroup any-protocol */*
psu create ugroup world-net
psu addto ugroup world-net

Create the LHCB units (file system tags)

Please note that this is only an example. Please use the tags you have been using when setting up the lhcb filesystem tree.

psu create unit -store lhcb:STATIC@osm
psu create unit -store lhcb:GENERATED@osm

psu create ugroup lhcb-pnfs-tags

psu addto ugroup lhcb-pnfs-tags lhcb:GENERATED@osm
psu addto ugroup lhcb-pnfs-tags lhcb:STATIC@osm

Do the pool magic

We assume you want to have both tokens on the same set of pools. So the files would be mixed on all pools.

Create the pool group

psu create pool lhcb-any-pool-1
psu create pool lhcb-any-pool-2

psu create pgroup lhcb-any-pools

psu addto pgroup lhcb-any-pools  lhcb-any-pool-1
psu addto pgroup lhcb-any-pools  lhcb-any-pool-2

And now the link and the link group

psu create link lhcb-link world-net lhcb-pnfs-tags any-protocol
psu set link lhcb-link -readpref=20 -writepref=20 -cachepref=20 -p2ppref=-1
psu add link lhcb-link lhcb-any-pools

psu create linkGroup default-link-group
psu set linkGroup attribute lhcb-link-group lhcbRole=/lhcb/lhcbprod
psu set linkGroup attribute lhcb-link-group HSM=osm
psu set linkGroup attribute lhcb-link-group VO=lhcb001
psu addto linkGroup lhcb-link-group lhcb-link

Space reservation

If all this is done properly we need to get the ID's of the defined linkGroup(s). Actually, in this example we only have on link group, the lhcb-link-group on which we are going to define the two required LHCB space tokens.

To get the ID's, use the admin interface and do

  cd SrmSpaceManager

At the bottom of the listing you will find a list of all defined linkGroups together with the assigned ID's. Please allow some time between defining the link group and running the 'ls' command in the SrmSpaceManager. The components have to synchronized first.

Let us assume, the linkGroup got the ID '7' assigned. Now we can reserve space on that link group following this manual page

  cd SrmSpaceManager
  reserve -acclat=NEARLINE -retpol=CUSTODIAL -desc="LHCb_RAW"  -lgid=7 -vog=/lhcb  5000000000000 "-1"
  reserve -acclat=NEARLINE -retpol=CUSTODIAL -desc="LHCb_RDST" -lgid=7 -vog=/lhcb   500000000000 "-1"

The reserve command will return the assigned space token number. Please us this number if you want to write into this space token. Please use the 'ls' command for reviewing all existing tokens.

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