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Manual File Movements


For various reasons, files need to be transfered between pools of a single dCache instance. The Copy Manager, as part of the Maintenace Module is supposed to allow sysadmins to perform those kind of operations. But as for now, the CopyManager can only trigger p2p transfers based on Storage Class information. Copying a set of unrelated files is not possible. Nevertheless, using the the JPyhon interface, transfers can be initiated and monitored semiautomated.


Commands described in this section are dCache kernel commands. They are not checked for global consistency. Therefor they should only be handled with care, especially when used in scripts.

Initiating file transfers by external commands

Get the <pnfsid> of the file and its current pool location.

   PnfsManager command(s)

     pnfsidof <fullFilePath>
     cacheinfoof <pnfsid>

If the file is not yet at the location you like it to be, initiate a p2p transfer using PoolManager commands.

     PoolManager command

        replicate file <pnfsid> <destinationIpNumber>

The <ipNumber> should be one of the IP numbers, the file will be accessed by subsequently. It is not the IP number of the destination pool. Based on this, the PoolManager will select the pool, the file is replicated to. This can be used to steer the copy process by using faked IP numbers. There is an example on how to do this in the File Hopping Section of the Book. Feel free to ask us for further details.

To observe the transfer, you may check the location of the file by using the PnfsManager 'cacheinfo <pnfsid>' command.

The mode of the destination copy of the dataset will be 'cached'. If this is not what you need, change the mode by using the appropriate pool command.

   rep set precious <pnfsid> -force

Depending on the pool, this may trigger an HSM flush operation.

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