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Assigning different pools groups to different pnfs directories


It might be desireable to have different sets of pools assigned to different directories in pnfs.

How to

The following subdirectories in pnfs should have different sets of pools attached.

    /pnfs/  -> pool-1 pool-2
    /pnfs/  -> pool-a pool-b

Within the filesystem, tags are used to distinguish the different types of data.

  cd /pnfs/
  echo "StoreName cms" >".(tag)(OSMTemplate)"
  echo "raw" >".(tag)(sGroup)"

  cd /pnfs/
  echo "StoreName cms" >".(tag)(OSMTemplate)"
  echo "dst" >".(tag)(sGroup)"

Create pool groups in order to do the assignment (in PoolManager.conf or via the Admin Interface)

    psu create pool pool-1
    psu create pool pool-2
    psu create pgroup raw-pools
    psu addto pgroup raw-pools pool-1
    psu addto pgroup raw-pools pool-2

    psu create pool pool-a
    psu create pool pool-b
    psu create pgroup dst-pools
    psu addto pgroup dst-pools pool-a
    psu addto pgroup dst-pools pool-b

Finally you need to make the pnfs tags known to the PoolManager :

  psu create unit -store cms:raw@osm
  psu create unit -store cms:dst@osm
  psu create ugroup cms-raw
  psu create ugroup cms-dst
  psu addto ugroup cms-dst cms:raw@osm
  psu addto ugroup cms-raw cms:dst@osm

And create the assignment :

  psu create link world-net any-protocol cms-raw
  psu set link cms-raw -readpref=10 -writepref=10 -cachepref=10
  psu add link cms-raw raw-pools

  psu create link world-net any-protocol cms-dst
  psu set link cms-dst -readpref=10 -writepref=10 -cachepref=10
  psu add link cms-dst dst-pools

You may do the PoolManager changes in the PoolManager.conf and reread the setup into the PoolManager, or you may use the command line interface to talk to the PoolManager and type save to store the new setup in the PoolManager.conf.

From that on files going into .../raw and subdirectories will end up on pool-1 and pool-2 and files going into .../dst and subdirectories will to into pool-a and pool-b.

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