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Gerds 'to do' for 1.8.0-16 (minimum)

  • Commit pending patches (waiting for review)
  • Minor cleanup of return code handling in HSM part of new pool (waiting for feedback on team list).
  • Add more flexible log4j runtime configuration support in the ssh interface
  • Move some initialization logic from UniversalSpringCell to AbstractCell and use it from a couple of other cells. This ensures proper thread group inheritance, which will fix a couple of logging issues for those cells (patch will be submitted later today).
  • Clean up log messages in new pool (in progress - requires some more work).
  • Make the cells nucleus say and esay methods use log4j. This would immediately cause all cells to log to log4j - dCache cells should still be updated to log to log4j directly and use the appropriate level. However making CellNucleus use log4j at least ensure some consistency in the output formatting, since all messages will be logged via log4j. Needs to be discussed.
  • Do more production testing of new pool (we currently have one Atlas and one Alice pool running on the new pool - Mattias will probably upgrade an Atlas tape pool this week).


  • Information provider.
  • Improved and faster conversion script for pnfs to chimera.
  • Won't work till then
    • gsi xroot
    • ACLs
    • ACL on Tape access


  • Pin Manager fixes
  • Releasing pins by VO(...)

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