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  • checkout
git clone git://
  • make you know to git
git config "Tigran Mkrtchyan"
git config ""

  • checkout/switch to a branch
git checkout -b my-master origin/master
  • commit local changes

git commit -a
  • commit changes and merge it into prevision commit
git commit -a --amend
  • create a patch file from last commit
git format-patch -s -1
  • create a patch file from a given commit
git format-patch -s -1 <sha1>
  • send the patch
git send-email --to --from <yourself> <filelist from format patch>
  • list remote branches
git branch -r 
  • update tree with remote repository
git remote update
  • update current workspace with repository
git reset --hard origin/pnfs
  • revert current tree up to specified revision
git reset <revision>
  • resolve conflict on stash pop
git reset HEAD


git-send-email -to --cc --from 
     --subject "Wireshark infinit recursion in dissect_nfs_deviceaddr4" 
     --smtp-server 0001-fixed-infinit-recursion-in-decoding-deviceinfo.patch