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Newsletter Sep 2007

Input from dCache Tier I/II experts

Based on the discussion at the dCache CHEP BOF in Victoria, I would like to invite sites having SRM 2.2 deployed to add input on what they think would help other sites in setting up and configuring dCache 1.8 and the SRM 2.2 space management system. In order to do so please get an wiki account here and add a link to your contribution here.

This page is linked from the top wiki page, which is linked from the Right now we don't intend to introduce a sophisticated wiki ACL schema. So please be nice and don't modify pages created by others unless the original author agrees.

Regular phone conferences on dCache SRM 2.2 deployment status

There is a regular Friday conference call on the status of the dCache 1.8 in the PPS. The developers as well as Flavia will be present. The Dial in Coordinates are :

 Time : Friday(s)  16:00 Europe/ 9:00 am Chicago
 Call : US 510-665-5437
 Meeting ID: 9524

Consolidating development efforts

We are rapidly approaching d-day, the day dCache 1.8 is expected to have production quality and will be deployed at the first Tier I centers. In order to optimize the (very short) time left, Timur and myself decided to re-adjust development responsibilities in order to minimize transatlantic coordination efforts. This means in particular that each 'dCache developing' site will now concentrate on the components they are basically responsible for. This is SRM and gPlazma for Fermilab, the core component for DESY and gridFtp shared between Fermilab and NDGF. For the dCache 1.8 deployment, nothing changes except that, depending on the questions you have, you may encounter a timezone based delay for the reply. Please use the srm-deployment@… mailing list for all dCache 1.8 and SRM 2.2 related issues.

Tier I dCache 1.8 upgrades

Although it is of course up to each individual site when they intend to upgrade to dCache 1.8, I would appreciate if those Tier I efforts would be coordinated with to ensure sufficient support during that time. So please let me know as soon as possible on your upgrade plans.

Last words

Whenever you have further questions on when or how to upgrade your site to dCache 1.8 I would be happy to arrange a phone conference between you and the developers.

thanks and regards