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Second Newletter for September

SRM 2.2 Deployment Phone conference

Once per week there is a phone conference organized by Jamie, keeping track on the success of the SRM 2.2 deployment for Castor, dCache and the DPM. For dCache, Flavia reports on the improvements and possible issues. Those reports are essentially the result of the Friday dCache SRM 2.2 technical phone conferences.

dCache workshop at Edinburgh in November

There will be a dCache workshop in Edinburg, Novemeber 13 noon - Nov 14 evening for Tier I and Tier II centers. The agenda is still worked on mainly by Greig and Flavia. The workshop is meant to prepare the site for the configuration of spaces in dCache for the different requirements of the experiments. Hands on sessions are planned, therefore the number of participants is limited. More specific information will be send out soon by Greig.

Schedule for the upgrade of the Tier I's to dCache 1.8 including SRM 2.2

Please checkout the schedule for the upgrade of the Tier I's to dCache 1.8.

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