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Migrate from /opt to /usr

Starting with dCache 2.2 dCache is not longer in /opt but in /usr.

What to do

  • uninstall the previous <dcache-package>

rpm -e dcache-server

You will see warnings about configuration files being saved with ".rpmsave" as an extension.

  • get fhs-package:

wget dcache-<version>.noarch.rpm -O dcache-<version>.noarch.rpm

  • install fhs-package:

rpm -ivh dcache-<version>.noarch.rpm

  • cp -r /opt/d-cache/etc/* /etc/dcache/.
  • cp -r /etc/dcache/users /etc/dcache/admin/.
  • rm -r /etc/dcache/users
  • (For 2.1) rm /etc/dcache/admin/host_key*
  • (For 2.1) rm /etc/dcache/admin/server_key*
  • mv /etc/dcache/authorized_keys /etc/dcache/admin/.
  • mv /etc/dcache/server_key* /etc/dcache/admin/.
  • mv /etc/dcache/host_key* /etc/dcache/admin/.
  • mv /etc/dcache/ssh*_key* /etc/dcache/admin/.
  • cp /opt/d-cache/config/PoolManager.conf /var/lib/dcache/config/poolmanager.conf ( lower case !!! )
  • cp /opt/d-cache/config/HoppingManager.conf /var/lib/dcache/config/HoppingManager.conf
  • cp /opt/d-cache/config/passwd /var/lib/dcache/config/passwd
  • mv /etc/dcache/dcache.conf.rpmsave /etc/dcache/dcache.conf
  • mv /etc/dcache/dcachesrm-gplazma.policy.rpmsave /etc/dcache/dcachesrm-gplazma.policy
  • mv /etc/dcache/gplazma.conf.rpmsave /etc/dcache/gplazma.conf
  • mv /etc/dcache/info-provider.xml.rpmsave /etc/dcache/info-provider.xml
  • mv /opt/d-cache/etc/tape-info.xml /etc/dcache/tape-info.xml (if you have a tape backend)
  • cp -r /opt/d-cache/billing/* /var/lib/dcache/billing

By default dCache runs as user dcache

  • The directory /var/log/dcache is owned by root, change the ownership

chown dcache /var/log/dcache
chown dcache /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem
chown dcache /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem
  • The copied billing files and directories will still be owned by root. Their ownership must be adjusted:
chown -R dcache /var/lib/dcache/billing
  • Change the ownership of the directories of the pools
chown -R dcache /path/to/pool
  • If the files /tmp/createDDL.jdbc, /tmp/dropDDL.jdbc, /tmp/trace-myDomain.out and /tmp/events-myDomain.out exist change the ownership to dcache
chown dcache /tmp/createDDL.jdbc
chown dcache /tmp/dropDDL.jdbc
chown dcache /tmp/trace-myDomain.out
chown dcache /tmp/events-myDomain.out

If you want to run dCache as root

  • edit /etc/dcache/dcache.conf set



If you had a script /etc/logrotate.d/dcache please note that this script is now shipped with dCache and looks a bit different from the example in the book.

If you want to use your script instead of the one shipped with dCache, please note that the log files are now located in /var/log/dcache/.

Admin History

If you had used the property adminHistoryFile, you should create a directory /var/lib/dcache/admin/ and set adminHistoryFile=/var/lib/dcache/admin/history.

The scripts and

If you had the scripts or you will have to move them to /usr/bin.

  • mv /opt/d-cache-bin/ /usr/bin/
  • mv /opt/d-cache-bin/ /usr/bin/

The Info Provider

If you have the info provider configured you need to know that the location of the script is now


The symbolic link that is to be found in /var/lib/bdii/gip/provider needs to be modified respectively.

The file /etc/dcache/info-provider.xml used to contain entries like

Please move this configuration to /etc/dcache.conf.