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Trouble shooting a dCache transfer hanging

What is most likely happening is that the file is not available and a pool was down.

To solve this we must use the pool manager to find the pool that contains the file. Then we can find out if the file is in the pool.

First log into the The admin interface and then change into the PNFS Manager domain.

(local) admin > cd  PnfsManager

The cacheinfoof command will tell which pool the file should be on.

(PnfsManager) admin > cacheinfoof  /pnfs/

If the pool is functioning correctly, the command

(PnfsManager) admin > pnfsidof  /pnfs/

Will tell you the PnfsId? of the file which you can then check the file exists in the pool.

The following example has the pool mounted under the path "/pool-path4/"

#find /pool-path4/  | grep 000017A60C8B36A34E24BE2AE065F97913CE

This information will then be useful in identifying if the file is missing or the problem is with dCache.