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dCache Tier I meeting February 20, 2018

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Paul), NDGF(Dmytro), PIC(Elena), KIT(Xavier)


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Site reports


Xavier reported that they are doing fine with dCache.


Marked ticket as resolved.


New zookeeper log is available in 2.16.59; however, KIT's next upgrade will likely be to the next golden release.

Xavier reported that the problem hasn't come back since deploying the work-around.

Therefore, we decided to close the ticket, with Xavier opening a fresh ticket if the problem comes back.


Xavier asked what is the progress on this ticket.

Tigran described how this issue was selected as one of the projects for the HTW-Berlin course, starting next week. The idea is for students in the course to gain first-hand experience in contributing to an open-source project.

If not fixed by students then it will be fixed by dCache team shortly after.

Focus is on supporting globs.


The problem is when clients issue too many movers, the door refused to queue any more movers, and yields a misleading error message.

ATLAS has switched by the gsiftp as their choice.


Things are going find for dCache.

There are no problems to report.


This week nothing special to report.

Elena mentioned they were suffering from high load from ATLAS -- some transfers were cancel after 360 seconds. This was due to queuing on the pools.

The transfers were coming through the SRM endpoint.

Paul suggested investigating throttling the number of concurrent transfers in the SRM. This may work better with clients. The options to achieve this are:

    srmmanager.request.get.max-transfers = ${srmmanager.request.max-transfers}
    srmmanager.request.put.max-transfers = ${srmmanager.request.max-transfers}


Xavier asked about the workshop timetable; in particular, when the workshop is due to start. Has it changed?

Yes, the start time is now mid-day on Monday. This is to allow people to arrive in Hamburg without travelling on Sunday.

Tigran confirmed that there won't be an installation course and we will try to incorporate more of other people's presentations into the agenda.

Support tickets for discussion

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Same time, next week.