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dCache Tier I meeting MONTH DATE, 2013

[part of a series of meetings]

Present, Paul), IN2P3(), Sara(), Triumf(), BNL(), NDGF(Jens), PIC(), KIT(), Fermi(), CERN()


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Site reports


NDGF is working well after the endit update and using the updated xrootd4j jar file.

Currently running 4.2.8 on the core service (with the xrootd4j) and 4.2.9 on some pools.

Jens reported that they are currently looking into deploying frontend and dCacheView at NDGF.

They would prefer to use X.509 certificates (over username+password) for dCacheView authentication, as all admins have an X.509 credential.


No issues to report.

Last week: ticket opened about out-of-memory error. Increased heap size, free to use up.

With SL 6, it isn't possible to influence whether the client switch from pNFS to direct-door (proxied through the NFS door).

With SL 7 / CentOS 7, there is the possibility to disable direct-door / proxied data transfers.

PIC is currently running dCache version is 3.2 (3.2.18). Planning to upgrade to 4.2 soon after a puppet upgrade.

Support tickets for discussion

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Same time, next week.